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Polina Yacht:

-the video shows how the yacht looks like inside out.

-The yacht’s capacity starts from 1 to 20 person.

-The yacht is 55 feet

-as shown in the video, Polina yacht consists of 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms- 2 sittings inside, and 2 upper sittings plus the front seat where you can enjoy sunlight.


  • Unlimited juice and mineral water
  • Preparing and decorating the yacht for celebrations, meetings, birthdays and weddings.

Where the yacht is located:

  • The link below the video will guide you directly to Marina walk where the yacht is located

Where to park:

  • As the video shows, you have the supermarket’s parking on the right, and another one on the left. You will get 2 hours free parking after buying something from the supermarket. After the 2 free hours, you will be paying 15AED per hour.

How to confirm the reservation:

  • To confirm the reservation, 50% pf the total amount is required, and the remaining amount is required when attending before the start of the trip.

How to pay: 

  • You can pay half of the amount through the approved company accounts, or you can pay the amount to the employee inside the yacht before the trip.

How to reach the yacht and start your trip:

After paying the required amount, you will be in contact with the captain. He will be waiting for you when you reach the exit, shown in the video, to Marina Walk.

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